Muthande Society for the Aged, MUSA is focused on issues affecting the elderly in the community; their social, physical, economic and emotional needs.

17th August 2016

Thanks to our dedicated Paralegal Advisors

Our Paralegal Services assist older persons in obtaining access to social services. We have dedicated Paralegal Advisors who work to ensure that older persons receive assistance […]
17th August 2016

The Month of March is Human Rights Month

The Month of March is Human Rights Month. At Muthande, we encourage the elderly to know their rights and also work towards protecting and ensuring that […]
17th August 2016

This donation could not have come at a better time

Thank you to Nampharm for the donation of eleven boxes of disposable adult nappies. The donation could not have come at a better time as there […]
17th August 2016

Muthande School Uniform Project

Our School Uniform Project aims to assist by distributing school uniforms to destitute children under the care of older persons. The project has been of great […]
17th August 2016

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The 15th of June is marked as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Today, different organizations and individuals around the globe shed light on the ever increasing […]

Muthande Society for the Aged is a community-based organization. Both the founders and the employees of the organization come from the communities we work in. The older persons we work in are able to familiarise with us and our services. We offer both Home Based Health Care and Social Services to older persons.

At Muthande we encourage active participation in centre activities amongst our older persons. This way, we are able to discover the many talents of our gogos and mkhulus.

View this video to see what we mean…

Fighting AIDS together

At Muthande we support Active Ageing. Activities such as dancing are promoted in all our service centres.