Wish List

Our services in the areas we work in are important and in order for us to be able to continue to provide our service to the elderly, we need assistance in the following:

Building of Service Centres

There is currently a huge need for service centres to be built in Chesterville, KwaDabeka, Italy and KK areas. The greatest disadvantage being that we work in rented space where we share with other members of the community as a result of not having our own space to operate in. As a result of this, we are confined to small spaces where we cannot accommodate large numbers of older persons in our centres.

We need to have service centres built in these areas but our major challenge is sourcing land.

Renovation of Tafelkop Service Centre Wall

Our Tafelkop service centre recently experienced problems after weather conditions caused damage to the wall. The walls need to be renovated and a retaining wall needs to be built.

Service vehicles

There is a major challenge with transport. Currently, the society has 2 vehicles (Toyota Quantums) that are used for transportation of older persons to and from the service centres. The vehicles are also used to transport frail and bedbound older persons to clinics and hospital appointments and/or other health related trips. The difficulty arises from there being 8 service centres but only 2 vehicles available. This means that no one vehicle can work in one area for the entire week and therefore service is rotated amongst the 8 centres.  The society needs another vehicle to assist in reducing the work load of the drivers and most importantly, to be able to assist older persons.

We currently need two more vehicle that will work in transporting older persons and another (small) that will be used by our Social Work Department for Home visits and follow-ups on cases.

Service Centre Needs

  • Water Management Systems for all Service Centres
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Table Cloth
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Heaters & Fans
  • Urns
  • Cutlery
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Service Centre Activities

  • Reading Material (Books)
  • Board Games
  • Handwork Material
  • Beads
Caregivers assist in the transportation of older persons for their clinic and/or hospital visits.

Mandela Day (67 Minutes for Mandela)

We live in an era where the elderly are very much marginalized by Society. While our work at Muthande aims to correct this and bring back the dignity of the elderly, it is also very important to us that we encourage society to get involved with assisting and making a difference. It is our hope that this Mandela Day, we encourage organizations and individuals to take a hands on approach to making a difference. More than receiving assistance, the big difference comes from seeing the face behind the help.

Our Tafelkop service centre is based in the Tafelkop rural area. Here, the major challenge is the ever increasing challenge of poverty and homes headed by older persons who should otherwise be enjoying their twilight years. It is our hope that this year for Mandela Day, we assist the elderly by handing over food parcels which consist of non-perishable foods that will be able to sustain families, even if just for a short period. We would appreciate having organizations be involved in the handing over of the food parcels, encouraging them to be more humane in their generosity.

Our organization is currently facing a challenge due to a shortage of funds. We either have to cut down on human resources or reduce services offered to the elderly, none of which we can afford to do as both will ultimately have a negative impact on those who need our services the most.

We hope that Clover will be able to assist us in ensuring that we continue in our mission to assist the elderly and ultimately, empower the communities we work in.