Please help us to fulfil this basic need for people who are most vulnerable part of our society.

Muthande Society for the aged

Muthande Society for the Aged, is focused on issues affecting the elderly in the community; their social, physical, economic and emotional needs.

Muthande is a community-based organization. Both the founders and the employees of the organization come from the communities we work in. The older persons we work in are able to familiarise with us and our services. We offer both Home Based Health Care and Social Services to older persons. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in their homes, within the community to ensure that they live as independent members of the society.

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At Muthande we encourage active participation in centre activities amongst our older persons. This way, we are able to discover the many talents of our gogos and mkhulus.

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Fighting AIDS together

At Muthande we support Active Ageing. Activities such as dancing are promoted in all our service centres.

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Affiliation and Partnerships

Help Age International
Victor Diatz Foundation
BB Bread
Fashion world
Ethekweni M
Help Age Germany
National Lottery
Social Development
Operation Jump Start Association
Nozala Trust
Constantia Afripack
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