Mission & Vision

Focused on the elderly in communities

In 1976 a group comprised of community nurses, health educators, social workers and community leaders formed a community based organisation, Muthande Society for the Aged (MUSA). It focused on issues affecting the elderly in the community; their social, physical, economic and emotional needs. The elderly had been neglected over the years during apartheid era.


From its inception the main challenges were to implement programmes that alleviate poverty, reduce social isolation, assist in acquiring skills and help the frail and ill through illness. Over the years the scope of operations has expanded widely to include programmes such as HIV/AIDS and training of family members and care givers on health and social issues.


Muthande was formally registered in 1982 and has since become an affiliate of HelpAge International and several other national and international organisations. The organization currently employs 97 individuals ranging in Social services; Home based health care and Finance and administration, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be amongst global leaders in promoting and protecting the rights and independence of senior citizens through implementing programmes that promotes positive ageing.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in their homes, within the community to ensure that they live as independent members of the society.


  • To develop community resources and services to help empower older people to live independent lives in the community for as long as possible;
  • To facilitate appropriate long-term care when independent living is no longer possible;
  • To give priority to those in the greatest need within the area of operation.


To expand and support our service centre, offering holistic services that support senior citizens to live independent lives in their homes.

To render home based care services to the frail, bedbound, housebound elderly, disabled and sick family members, reaching out to 10000 clients a year.

Where We Operate

MUSA works within eThekwini Municipality in:


  • Lamontville Township – 20km from CBD
  • Tafelkop Rural Area – 40km from CBD
  • Chesterville Township – 12km from CBD
  • Clermont Township – 26km from CBD
  • KwaDabeka Township – 30km from CBD
  • Richmond Farm Semi Rural – 35km from CBD